A day to forget

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Status screens I’d use if I streamed more than once a year

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This was the second tearing up of the day.

They’ve done all that they can do. They lost Usagi, but kept fighting. They stood together and tried to save the world.

Most bitterly of all, they failed.

There’s nothing left for the Senshi. All they can do is lie there and let the wind carry them where it will. They don’t have the strength for anything else. They’re nearly dead, wounded so badly they can’t even move. They know what death feels like, after all. They know it’s close.

But then Usagi. She reaches for them. Her voice, maybe. Her NEED, most certainly. Somehow, they manage to open their eyes. Somehow, they manage to whisper her name. Somehow, they manage to find something more of themselves. Maybe it wasn’t there before. Maybe Usagi created it. However it’s there, it’s THERE. And now, it’s hers.

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